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i1Solutions Technical Support Services

Our specialists are able to provide the following types of services:

  • Scripting and automation of tasks, such as environment setup, application lifecycle automation, deployment, backups and monitoring.
  • Application deployment, troubleshooting and support. Often, issues that surface during the deployment of an application require skills that span the operational and development worlds in order to most effectively troubleshoot.
  • General troubleshooting of issues in the operational environment.
  • Application of fix packs.
  • Building load tests – where required – to ensure that applications handle some degree of load without any problems.
  • Ensure quicker provisioning of environments through automation.
  • The i1 Solution team can use their JEE architecture and development skills to support our client’s operational teams in their interactions with the DEVCC team.
  • Provide insight into fix-packs available and which should be installed and which are less critical.

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