If you meet the above requirements and are interested in the position please send your CV to talent@i1solutions.co.za

Meet The Team

I’m thrilled to share that I’ve successfully completed my internship as a developer at i1 Solutions! During this enriching experience, I had the privilege to work alongside a team of seasoned professionals and immerse myself in various programming languages, tools, best practices, and cutting-edge techniques.

Throughout my internship, I focused on enhancing both my technical skills and practical abilities, allowing me to apply my knowledge in real-world scenarios effectively. This journey has been instrumental in building a strong foundation for my career in software development.

I’m grateful for the opportunities and challenges that came my way, and I’m excited to take the valuable insights and skills I’ve gained into the next phase of my career. I look forward to continuing to contribute to the success of future projects and teams. Thank you to the entire i1 Solutions team for this incredible experience, and I’m eager to see where the next step in my journey leads

Within my next year at i1 Solutions, some goals I’ve set out for myself include:

1). Independently building & running an internal project
2). Becoming a Java-certified developer
3). Being a strong contributor to customer-based development

I look forward to this next stage in my career as a junior developer, and I look forward to the new opportunities on the horizon.

It has been an enriching experience being an RPA intern at i1 Solutions. Your support for my goals to improve both my technical and soft skills has not gone unnoticed. I have actively engaged in problem-solving exercises, participated in team discussions to enhance my communication, and perfected my financial and time management skills to meet project requirements. I believe these skills will serve me well not only in my current role but also in my future ventures.

In the next year, my goal as a junior RPA developer is to enhance my technical proficiency, contribute effectively to projects, and align my work with the company’s objectives. I aim to participate in professional development opportunities.