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IBM® connectivity and application integration solutions deliver access to data, applications and information regardless of platform, device or data formats—across both on-premises and cloud environments.

i1 Solutions has deep knowledge of the technologies and domains takes a client-first pragmatic approach to delivering integration solutions. We have significant experience, and we understand the technology and the business of integration.

We balance the requirements the customer has, apply the technology in a pragmatic way and strive to implement a solution that is correctly sized and offers longevity for the customer, maximising their investment.

Security is crucial, and we focus on the efficiency of flows as well as monitoring volumes, allowing visibility to ensure ownership of integration into the end points.

Our understanding of cloud offerings, and the capability of bridging between on premise and cloud applications as part of your hybrid landscape means we are a great partner for your long-term journey.


Moving Messages Around

MQ Family
- File transfer
- Point to point
- Telemetry
- Advanced


ESB and Application Integration

Edge of network and Connectivity
DataPower & Cast Iron & App Connect Professional

API Management

API Connect


Business Process and Decision Management

IBM Business Process Manager is a full-featured, consumable business process management (BPM) platform. It includes tooling and run time for process design and execution, along with capabilities for monitoring and optimizing work that is executed within the platform. It is specifically designed to enable process owners and business users to engage directly in the improvement of their business processes.

IBM Business Process Manager is available in on-premises and cloud configurations. It is designed to support mobile devices, features case management capabilities across its product editions and operates with a single process server or in a federated topology.

IBM® Operational Decision Manager (ODM) is a full-featured platform for capturing, automating and governing frequent, repeatable business decisions. It consists of two components, IBM Decision Center and IBM Decision Server. They form the platform for managing and executing business rules and business events to help you make decisions faster, improve responsiveness, minimise risks and seize opportunities.

i1 Solutions approach to Business Process and Decision management is a more business oriented discussion. We have a solid understanding of how BPM and ODM are positioned and are able to facilitate the discussion between business and IT. This allows us to engage with the business user, and to turn those discussion into IT solutions, aligned for greater benefits.

BPM and ODM products

Enterprise Content Management


Enterprise Content Management puts business content to work and allows organisations to realise new value. Collaborating in the cloud, managing records, mitigating risk, capturing documents, improving employee productivity—turning your content into Smarter Content Now. That's ECM.

IBM Case Manager is a platform that simplifies designing and deploying customised case management solutions that enhance your capacity to resolve complex cases by providing persistent access to information, workflow, tasks, and analytics. Case Manager empowers your case workers to make complex, real-time decisions based on constantly changing information with an interface that delivers a seamless and consistent experience quickly and anywhere. Case Manager discovers hard to find correlations and critical insights buried in silos of unstructured data. Integration with third party cloud applications provide a superior ability to collaborate.

IBM Enterprise Content Management helps you transform the way you work by putting business content in motion, so you can capture, protect, activate, analyze and engage with content for greater insight and action.

Our Enterprise solutions for content are all about document storage, and moving and sharing documents both for long-term strategic solutions, and for tactical file sharing solutions. i1 Solutions understands the compliance requirements and legislation around record keeping, and will find a pragmatic way for users to have access to the right documents. We've been on this journey, and can help you to plot the right route for your enterprise.

FileNet Content and Case Manager



Box is an enterprise content management platform that solves simple and complex challenges, from sharing and accessing files on mobile devices to sophisticated business processes like data governance and retention.

Since 2005, Box has made it easier for people to securely share ideas, collaborate and get work done faster. Today, more than 41 million users and 74,000 businesses—including 59% of the Fortune 500—trust Box to manage content in the cloud.


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